5 Ways to find new customers and grow your business

One in Three businesses say their biggest concern is generating new business. Therefore, it is vital that you keep generating leads and retaining existing clients to keep the business alive and to ensure growth.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media can an effective tool if used properly and patiently. Spending a little time to grow your audience and engage with the people in your network will go a long way. Liking, sharing and commenting on their posts will keep you fresh in their mind if they ever want to review their current set up.

Being active on social media will also help drive more traffic to your website. The younger demographic are big users of social media and will almost certainly expect you to have an online presence. So a strong social presence will help to make you a more attractive prospect as a supplier.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies are another effective tool in winning new business. Case studies are not testimonials. A case study is proof of the quality service your business wants to offer. An actual account of work that has been completed that explains the problem you helped solve for your customer and what it meant to them. It’s especially helpful if your case study demonstrates the results in monetary terms and shows what return was made on your customer’s investment with you. A good case study will show a potential customer your expertise and skills and the results they can expect if they obtain your service.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to grow your client base and it’s a good idea to regular update your website and social media with each new article you produce. Your reputation will be enhanced as an expert in your field which will only breed confidence in a potential client who is looking to use your service.

In addition, regular blogging will also help with your google ranking. The more active you are the more visitors to you site and the more you will be bumped up the rankings, therefore easier to find.

Blogging will also build a rapport between you and a customer. It will give them a much better sense of who you are, what your business is about and highlights that you care about the service you provide and the benefit it will bring your customers.

  1. Don’t Forget About Lost Opportunities

It is always a good idea to re-visit the businesses that you tried to win in the past but lost. Just because you didn’t win the business first time round doesn’t mean that you won’t win them over this time. Keep them in your data base so you can go back to them every couple months or so. Make sure that your database is fully GDPR compliant. DO NOT badger them every week however. When you revisit, study your methods from your previous attempt, see what you could do differently or where you went wrong and change accordingly.

  1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is not everybody’s cup of tea and be unpopular. There are also many concerns around GDPR and what that means for cold calling moving forward. To be clear, GDPR does not ban cold calling however, it does make it more difficult due to the new rules about contact details, how you obtain them and from where. The important point here is that before you pick up the phone, you need to be able to demonstrate ‘legitimate potential interest’.

Despite all this, there is no denying that it is still one of the fastest ways of finding new business. It is essentially a numbers game. The more business you call you will inevitably will find a business seeking the type of service you provide. But taking the time to research and understand your prospects before you call them will only help improve your chances of winning their business. Actually speaking to a human being rather than sending a cold email or message on Linkedin can make all the difference.