3 ways your accountant can help you to grow your business

The alarming truth about running a business in today’s unforgiving markets is that most don’t survive the first 3 years. But even if you manage to survive, is that really what you created your business for? Of course not, you want to thrive and grow your business.

Here I highlight the 3 key areas your Accountant can be a key figure in helping you grow your business.

  1. Help you to look to the Future

It goes without saying that every Accountant will help you understand how your business has been performing. But it’s important that you understand that your Accounts are a record of your past.

Think about when you are driving; you need a clear view through your rear and wing mirrors but you also need to be looking where you are going. An accountant can help you set realistic growth targets and provide you with the roadmap / business plan to help you get to your destination / goals.

  1. Save you time

 If you want to grow, you need to regularly be winning clients. Most businesses neglect sales by not dedicate anywhere near enough time to sales due to a number of reasons, not least due to the day to day running of the business.

Your Accountant can not only produce your accountants but also your book keeping, VAT and payroll…giving you more time to focus on your sales and marketing strategy.

In addition, a truly proactive Accountant will be able to help you to create a more efficient business by advising you how to improve your internal processes, freeing up even more of your time.

  1. Provide Expert Advice and Guidance

Most experienced accountants have worked with hundreds if not thousands of other businesses within your sector. This valuable experience means they have a huge amount of real life examples of companies that have succeeded and created growth.

A good Accountant is more than just someone you receive financial support from. They are someone you can consult with nearly all aspects of your business. Ask them what kind of strategies the more successful companies they have worked with use. See what ideas they can offer you to help you achieve your own goals and targets.

Striving for growth is the sign of a business full of energy and vitality. It will excite your employees and invigorate your whole company. Without a growth strategy in place, there is simply no direction and you run the risk of your company stagnating.

To use the driving analogy again, it is like endlessly circling a roundabout, unsure which exit to take. Your Accountant can help you to take out the roadmap, plot a course so that you can put your foot down and accelerate towards growth.

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